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Wedding photography is not only a matter of capturing the pictures and showcasing them in albums. There is a lot more connected to it. A wedding is one of the most important and special events of your life, and the memories you gather on this special day will be with you forever. That is the main reason you always want to get the moments captured in the best possible manner. At Weds Photography, we are having a list of the most professional and skilled best wedding photographers in Saint Petersburg. These professionals know how to capture the special moments of your day in the most extraordinary manner. They will definitely make you fall in love with you again with their amazing photography skills.

Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida that you can consider getting your wedding events done. There are several amazing destinations located in this city, including Palace Bridge, Peter and Paul Fortress on Zayachy Island, Bronze Horseman on Senate Square, the Great Neva River, Trinity Cathedral, and the General Staff Building that will beautifully enhance the amaze of your wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots.

Different Types of Wedding Photography you can consider

  • Candid Photography: – Saint Petersburg wedding photographers are quite artistic and they usually aim at capturing the moments at the time they happen without letting anyone pose. The chit-chats, the emotions, the excitement on everyone’s face, the anxiety among the parents and the couples, the moments of laughter, and others are some of the important events that usually get captured in this photography without letting anyone know. Candid photography style is one of the most skillful and needs a lot of practice and expertise. That is the main reason; the cost of candid wedding photography in Saint Petersburg is quite high.
  • Traditional Photography: – While capturing the pictures in traditionally photography style, the Saint Petersburg photographers usually aim at capturing the pictures and portraits with common poses. In this, basically, the photographers ask the guests and people to pose and smile in front of the camera. In order to capture the traditional photographs, it is not important to have a lot of skills. Additionally, there are no higher prices that are required to be paid for traditional photography styles.
  • Pre-wedding Photoshoots: – Nowadays, the pre-wedding photoshoot has become a trend among the couples, and every couple going to get married; these days are willing to get the best pre-wedding photoshoot. In this photoshoot, it is all about capturing the amazing and most lovable movements and chemistry of the couple. While getting the pre-wedding photoshoot done, the couple usually romances with each other in gorgeous outdoor locations. There are some amazing wedding photographers in Saint Petersburg available that can help you out in getting your pre-wedding photoshoot done in the best manner. You can easily avail of details about them through Weds Photography.

Pricing Details of the Wedding and Pre-wedding Photography in Saint Petersburg

Each and every wedding photographer is having different wedding photography packages and prices that vary according to their quality, equipment they are using, and the service provided by them. Apart from this, the price also varies according to the locations as well. While browsing through the profiles of the photographers, you can easily check the minimum as well as the maximum price. If you are willing to get a budget-friendly photographer then also you can easily choose it with the help of Weds Photography. Even, we can also help you out in cracking the finest deal with the skilled wedding photographer in Saint Petersburg.

Photography Styles Photography Trends Packages
Traditional Photography A Picture with Your Dad $1000 – $2000
Natural Photography Photo of Generations $1500 – $2000 
Candid Photography First Look Photos $2000 – $3000
Pre-Wedding Photography Showing Family Photographs $3000 – $3500
Fine Art Photography Reading Letters $3500 – $4000

How to Hire the Best Wedding Photographer in St. Petersburg?

The professional photographer with amazing wedding photography ideas and skills is quite a difficult task. But it can become simpler if you consider some of the major factors. Here at Weds Photography, we are going to provide you some important details that you must consider and keep in mind while booking the St. Petersburg photographer.

Factors to Consider Before you Find the Wedding Photographer:

You must do comprehensive research about the photographer you are going to hire.

  • It is necessary for you to be certain about the choices and your requirements.
  • Must discuss all the types of wedding photography services they are providing including candid photography, pre-wedding photography and others.
  • Before discussing with the wedding photographer, you must decide your budget and try to negotiate. Sometimes an open negotiation can help you in getting an amazing discount.
  • Try to book the photographer a few months prior to your wedding function.
  • Before booking the final photographer, check different packages of different photographers along with the Wedding Picture Ideas and then decide.
  • If you are still not sure about choosing the photographer, then you can also share your queries with us.

Factors to Discuss with St Petersburg Wedding Photographers Before Signing the Contract

Once you sign the contract, then it becomes the photographer’s duty to capture your pictures and provide you the final album with the unedited wedding photo. But sometimes it happens that due to being in a hurry, you miss some of the important factors. It is necessary to discuss each and every important aspect with the photographer so that you can get the best possible deal. There are some important aspects that are required for you to discuss prior to completing the booking. Some of them are:

  • Try to understand the style of photography the wedding photographer is going to acquire and also provide all the essential details about your requirement.
  • Do not feel hesitant while sharing your expectations with the photographer about each event. If you are willing to have any sort of theme photography or any specific photography in different functions like engagement or reception, then let them know about each and every activity. Even if you are planning any sort of surprises, then also discuss everything.
  • While completing the discussion, we must include all the factors like the wedding photography cost, budget, the payment policies, the taxes, the editing charges, the equipment’s that are going to be used in your wedding, and the deliverables. Along with all this, also discuss the cancellation and refund policy so that you do not face any sort of complexities later.
  • Must disclose and inform the photographer about the duration and dates of the events properly so that no miscommunication can occur.
  • Discuss the ideas that you are willing to adapt to buy the wedding photographer, the props that are going to be added to your wedding, and also ask them about the pre-wedding photography tips so that they can provide you the fantastic wedding ideas that can help you in shopping for the same.

Avail Details of Wedding Photography in Saint Petersburg @ Weds Photography

Here at Weds Photography, we are only providing your details about the skilled and proficient wedding photographers having a vast experience in this field. Additionally, before providing you the details, we have also go through the background of each and every photographer strictly so that you can only get the quality work.

You can easily choose the photographer according to your requirements and the equipment they are using. There is a wide range of services that are provided by the photographers. Additionally, if you are having any sort of budget problem then also you do not need to worry about. Here at Weds Photography, we have both the affordable and highly paid photographers’ details with the best photography price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Compare Wedding Photographers in St.Petersburg?
  • If you are confused about which photographer is preeminent for you, then, first of all, look at their past work. Go through the testimonials and the feedback of the clients given on their portfolios. Thereafter check details about the equipment they used for your wedding photography and the techniques along with the deliverables. Additionally, also go through the ideas they have stated in their portfolios so that you can get the finest wedding photography service.
Why is Wedding Photography Professionals in St. Petersburg Quite Expensive?
  • As compared to other commodity businesses, wedding photography is quite different. There are a lot of practice and artistic skills required to maintain the level and creativity in the photographs. When it comes to choosing the top photographers, there is a lot of expense indulged, including the cost of their equipment, the right techniques, their creative abilities, and also technical knowledge. The photographer will capture the most special moments of your life, and it is worth spending money on them. The photos and videos they capture on your special day will help you in cherishing the memories forever. And of course, quality work always comes with a price tag.
How can I book the Best Wedding Photographer With the Help of Weds Photography?
  • At Weds Photography, we are providing you details about more than hundreds of best wedding photographers available, and you can easily choose anyone according to your requirements and budget as well. Once you decide and ask for a lot, then a dedicated wedding manager will be assigned that will help you in choosing the photographer on the basis of your requirements. Apart from this, he will also help you out with booking and having some negotiations in the prices as well. The best part about Weds Photography is that we are providing you are free assistance.
What is the Latest Trend going on in Wedding Photography?
  • As per the latest trends going on, candid wedding photography, black and white wedding photography, having the unedited wedding pictures, and the pre-wedding photo shoots are some of the most loved styles among the couples. When you have signed the wedding photographer, then they will let you know about each and every style in detail.
Why Hire a Wedding Photographer for the Bride and Groom Separately?
  • Well, it totally depends upon your choice that you are willing to hire one common photographer team for your event or separate one. Even while hiring the wedding photographer in Saint Petersburg, you can also discuss with them the combined packages so that the full event can easily get covered. While getting the combined package, you can also ask them about the discounts.

Hence these are all the details that can help you out in hiring the best local St. Petersburg wedding photographer. These professionals will help you out in getting your special moments captured in the most professional manner. Additionally, you will definitely cherish all the movements forever. If you are willing to hire the wedding photographer outside Saint Petersburg like in cities including Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, then also you can go through our other pages. Yes, we have also stated details about some of the experienced professionals from other cities and countries as well.