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A wedding is the most beautiful and precious moment in everyone’s life. All of us surely dream of a perfect and grand wedding. So, you wouldn’t want to compromise even on small things at your wedding. Always make sure that you have detailed information of the wedding photographers in Jacksonville for the best photography. We all are much aware that wedding planning is one of the toughest tasks, and to find a wedding photographer is also a crucial one as no one has much time to spend searching for photographers. If you are searching for Jacksonville wedding photographers need not worry because here Weds Photography solves all your problems regarding this.

We provide you the list of professional Jacksonville photographers due to which you don’t have to rush anywhere in searching for photographers. You can just visit the Weds Photography site and select one of your’ favorite from that provided list, and you can proceed further.

Jacksonville is a fantastic city placed in northeastern Florida, USA. The city is the hub of business, fashion as well as recreational sites, and entertainment. It also has numerous tourist destinations. If someone is looking for a destination wedding in this region, then trust me, Jacksonville will be the best location for your dream wedding. You can select white sand beaches or the parks or maybe some other wedding venues. This place will mesmerize you and your guests. Starting from the perfect wedding venue to decorations and catering, everything will be available at your doorstep.

Most Common Wedding Photography Styles You Should Know About

There are different styles of photography. To make a wedding photoshoot unique and alluring at the same time, you can choose from types of photography. To get a piece of in-depth knowledge about methods of the wedding photoshoot, let us now check the various styles of photography.

  • Traditional Style of Photography: This is the oldest form of wedding photography. In this style, the photographer captures one of the most beautiful directed poses of the wedding couple. The main feature of this photography is that the people of all the generations like it.
  • Reportage Photography: It also termed as a documentary. Photojournalism is a current day trend of wedding photography. This genre of photoshoot lacks the presence of artistic style. It captures the moments in a manner of covering a news story.
  • Candid Style Photography: This method of photography mainly focuses on the bride and the groom. Apart from focusing on them, this genre of photoshoot also highlights the entire surrounding of the marriage ceremony but with a creative approach. It prefers to narrate the whole saga of the marriage ceremony, including the journey of the couple from the first day of their introduction till the final day.
  • Pre-wedding Photography: This style generally took place before the wedding; that is why it is termed as a pre-wedding photo shoot. Nowadays, it is much popular as new couples love to have their pre-wedding shoots. For this type of photography, the photographer takes the wedding couple to several beautiful places for capturing the great shots.
  • Drone Photography:  Drone wedding photography style is much popular and a lot in demand as the young generation love to have their wedding photography done accordingly drone style. In this style, the leading equipment is the drone that captures an aerial view of the couple. This style of photography is more expensive.

So, the above are the probable styles of wedding photography you can select for your special day. If you are thriving in Jacksonville and looking for a marriage photoshoot, you can opt for affordable wedding photographers in Jacksonville.

Points To Remember Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer in Jacksonville

It’s tough to find a wedding photographer who understands your requirement according to your budget and cost. The photographer plays a leading role in almost every function. But for good quality and best work, you need professional Jacksonville wedding photographers. A photographer is one of the crucial parts of the wedding as it captures all the exclusive and precious moments of your day. So, you must consider some points before hiring a wedding photographer.

  • Hire An ‘Artist’ Not A ‘Hobbyist’ – The most important point to remember is that you should hire an “Artist,” not a “hobbyist.” The artist can easily understand your requirements and deliver you at its best as it is more dedicated to its work because they earn photography skills, invest in themselves. In contrast, a hobbyist does a job just for the sake of its hobby and doesn’t pay much attention to your emotions and requirements.
  • Be Clear on Budget – Secondly, you must clear on your budget as we all are much aware that wedding photography costs are damn high. So if you set your budget in advance for how much of the total expenditure you can spend for the photography, you can be easily able to find one of the best Jacksonville wedding photographers without any regrets later on.
  • Be sure the photographer is good with people – The third most important point to keep in mind that the photographer you are going to hire is good to the people. He/she knows how to get involved with several persons at a wedding in a proper manner. An insensitive wedding photographer may spoil the whole enjoyment of the guests present there at a wedding. So it is a must to hire a Jacksonville photographer who knows how to communicate with people so that everyone should be comfortable.

Set A Budget For Wedding Photography

Setting a budget is the most important thing for finding a perfect Jacksonville photographer to capture your special moments. As one must not clear with their budget how much of the total amount he/she wants to spend on photography, then it is unable to grab a perfect wedding photographer. The first thing to keep in mind is the money we spend on wedding photography is a once in a lifetime purchase. It is an investment for capturing memories that last for a lifetime.

  • In the first step, you should spend 10-15% of the total amount of wedding photography. It’s not about how much you can afford but, instead, how much you want to distribute.
  • If the entertainment is more important to you than photography, then you can set a budget for wedding photography less than 10% or 10% of the total expenditure, you undoubtedly get an affordable photographer in this budget. But if you prefer the quality unedited wedding photos over entertainment, then you must set your budget as 15-20% of the total expenditure that you are going to spend on your wedding.
  • There are wedding photographers in Jacksonville who charge a little bit more than the above mentioned due to their highly specialized skills and a great experience and providing their clients an extraordinary package of wedding photos. The photographers who are so expensive can also be able to guide some wedding picture ideas.

Choose Weds Photography to Avail, Best Photographer

Weds Photography is a leading online portal providing a list of top-most wedding photographers to all the lovely couples out there. We have the information regarding various photographers from which you can find the best suitable as per your needs and budget. So, before running out of time, get the best wedding photographer in Jacksonville, Florida. Weds Photography always loves to help clients at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. When should I hire a wedding photographer?
  • Wedding photographers are usually among the first tasks that couples have to do after they secure their venue. As wedding photography is already too expensive so if you try to hire them at the moment, the photographers charge even more due to urgent booking and can also refuse to get hired, which may destroy your wedding. So, it’s better to start the search for your photographer about a few months before your big day.
Q2. Should I get a second photographer for my wedding?
  • This is a kind of debate that usually happens in a couple of houses that there should be one wedding photographer or more than one. It depends on the wedding size. If you’re having a small wedding, then only one photographer is quite sufficient for proceeding the whole photography, but if one can have a wedding in large size, then there is a need for a second photographer or some assistant to help out the main photographer for setting up the lights and maintaining coordination.
Q3. Is the wedding album included in wedding photography prices?
  • Usually, the photographers include the albums in their wedding photography prices. But some photographers ask for the album money after providing it to their customers as per the quality work and skills they put them in unedited photos. So, the client must ask for the photographer’s prices before hiring the wedding photographer so that it does not create any mess later on.
Q4. What should I expect to pay for the wedding photographer?
  • Generally, the wedding photographers package between $1500 and $3000. But there are also highly paid professional photographers there due to their extraordinary quality work and much popularity. So this may vary from photographer to photographer.
Q5. What factors affect wedding photography costs?
  • Several factors affect photography costs, such as skills, experience the wedding photographers gained by investing much in oneself. Secondly, the physical equipment that is used for capturing the best shots it requires a lot of investment. The quality work that has been provided by the wedding photographer also affects the photography costs.