Trending Black and White Photography at Weddings

Black and White Wedding Photography may be lacking color, but sometimes, the absence of color adds something better to the picture. People think that shooting wedding photographs in black and white means you would lose a lot from the images. As colors fill our world, why would you want to take away the natural elements from the most treasured day of your life?

Trending Black and White Photography at Weddings - Weds Photography

But is black and white photography, taking away the benefits of today’s color digital sensors & taking us backward? Under this illusion, many new photographers ignore what can be a valuable tool. If you are confused between black and white & color, here we give you some tips on why should you consider black and white photography for weddings.

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Black and White Photography Never Ages

It’s unfair to think of black and white as outdated, though photography started in monochrome. While trends in makeup, hairstyles, and dresses modify over time, a black and white wedding shot will always look classic.

Black and White Photography Never Ages

A wedding photographer aims to construct pictures that, whenever the couple looks at their wedding album, they instantly get transported to the memory of the day. When showing the black and white shots of their wedding to their grandkids, nothing will look out of place or out of date. And the unadulterated look of love never goes out of style.

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The Flow of Raw Emotions

A wedding photographer’s job is to capture the emotions of the day, and sometimes, images in black and white feel more emotional than color. However, there is no 100% guarantee of that. But, removing colors can allow viewers to focus more on the interaction in the picture.

The Flow of Raw Emotions - Weds Photography

With the colors absent, the smiles, happy tears, the father-daughter embrace can feel more powerful. When photographing people in color, you capture their appearance. Whereas photographing people in black and white, you capture their souls.

Everyone Looks Good in B&W

The wedding venue is not typically picked by the bride and groom, based on how well it will contribute to photography. Sometimes a church will be dark & have few windows, or a scorchingly hot beach location, leaving the wedding party looking red-faced and flustered. When natural settings lack color and light, black and white photography is the perfect remedy.

Everyone Looks Good in B&W - Weds Photography

Also, B&W photography helps to bring out a different side of us, which we do not see daily. Many wedding portraits shot in black and white have been firm favorites of many people.

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Difficult Lighting? Not an Issue

Black and white photographs are often helpful for working in tricky lighting because it works well in high contrast shots. Sometimes modifying the light is not an option because the wedding ceremony is outside. Or during the ceremony, flash is not allowed. Or when you are working in the presence of a bright sun. In these situations, you can turn that “bad” light into an asset with the help of black and white photography. 

Black and White Photograps - Weds Photography

Intense light in black and white pictures can make it look more dramatic. Black and white concentrate more attention to shadows, and by adding interest in those shadows, the photographer uses the “bad” light to his advantage.

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Plays Up Contrast

The difference between light and the dark is focused on monochrome photography rather than the colors in the image. Because of that, black and white editing works well on images with lots of contrast. Shots with unavoidable or harsh lighting, while shooting, looks better in black and white.

Plays Up Contrast - Weds Photography

Photographers have a lot of control over the contrast when converting images from color to black and white because they control how each color turns to a different shade of grey.

B&W photography may contain analog roots, but with a digital file, you can use the hue, saturation, luminescence panel in photo editors to control each shade.

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B&W Photos can keep you focused

During the formal portraits, wedding photographers can choose their set up poses & compositions, but much of what is in the images are not in the photographer’s control. Maybe a church basement with no windows and preschool drawings on the walls is the bride’s getting ready location. Perhaps everything is giving a pink tint due to red carpets that the church has. Or maybe the bride’s mother chose to wear neon orange.

B&W Photos can keep you focused

Sometimes, it’s just impossible for wedding photographers, who try everything in their power, to remove the distractions to capture sharp images. In such situations, B&W photography can help grant some elegance to an oddly lit ceremony venue or getting dressed in a Sunday School room.

Photographers should avoid using B&W as an excuse for not finding the best angle of the day. Black and white can help wipe out distractions & capture great photos as the wedding day unfolds.

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Editing can be simpler

With a black and white conversion, many things that are complete editing nightmares are disposed of or at least reduced. Other edits are simpler to master & less distracting in black and white shots. The acne bump, for example, can be spotted in black and white but is more comfortable to correct & less noticeable. Distractions in the background are less likely to need a cloning tool with monochrome photography.

Editing can be simpler

I hope these tips will be useful in your search for the perfect wedding photographer. You can also find wedding photographers in Albuquerque according to their packages & reviews online at Weds Photography.