Important Tips To Select Perfect Indian Bridal Jewelry

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. A wedding is a big day for everyone. And to look extremely beautiful on her D-Day is the dream of every bride. We prepare so much for this day. From skincare to markup, hairdo to sandals, wedding dress, accessories, body care and whatnot.

Every bride craves to look perfect from head to toe on her d-day. But have you ever seen an Indian bride without jewellery? Absolutely not, because jewellery is the key aspect of the bridal look, as it is an addon star in your appearance that makes you look astonishing. Therefore with these ongoing, everyday changing fashion trends, it is very important to make the right choice for yourself.

There is a huge variety of Indian bridal jewellery available, like bridal choker sets, titanium sets, Polki diamond sets etc. which can conquer your mind and perplex you. So are you also confused between various options available for bridal jewellery, and unable to decide which type of jewellery to pick for your wedding day, then you have landed on the correct place. 

As we are here to tell you some great tips to select perfect Indian bridal jewellery for your wedding day.

1. Choose Wedding Jewellery Set Those Twins With Your Lehenga

It is very important to pair your jewellery with the right lehenga. Your jewellery set must match the combination and should suit well with your wedding lehenga. As it makes a lot of difference. A wrongly chosen jewellery with a gorgeous looking lehenga can make you look offbeat.

2. Matchup with Make up

You should try to pick the jewellery that matches your makeup and looks. Like your earrings should match your hairstyle and the nose ring must highlight your lipstick. Your necklace should go well with your neck, your ‘Mangtikka’ must pair with your dupatta and your bangles must accolade your ‘Mehendi’. Also, it is advised to not use too many colors in jewellery as it may shift all the spotlight from your face only to your jewellery. Therefore it is advised to pick the jewellery that compliments your makeup.

3. Care of Cuts

Ahead of selecting your jewellery, you must analyse yourself properly. As there are different options available for different face and body types. Like the long necklaces are suited well with the round face, a short necklace fits well with an oval-shaped face and long earrings assist the heart-shaped face as it means a narrow chin area.

Another important thing to keep in mind prior to selecting your jewellery is your complexion. As there are different options available for dark, light, or fair complexions, so choose your jewellery accordingly.

4. First Things First

Brides usually select the wedding lehenga first and then choose the jewellery. It is advised to the opposite as jewellery is a big expense which should be taken care of before selecting your dress, sandals or any other accessories.

5. Old Is Gold

This fact cannot be denied. On an auspicious day like a wedding when every Indian bride wants to be in perfect traditional attire, what could be better than to try for your mother or grandmother’s antique traditional jewellery. Which will not only enrich your looks but also give you a feeling of belongingness. 

The texture of tradition and rituals that it reflects will make you the star of every eye on your D-Day. Undoubtedly classic, traditional is a perfect option, if you go for it you are all set to cut a dash on your wedding day.

6. High-ends are Eternal

With these ongoing fashion trends people are preferably selecting the costume jewellery sets for various occasions as they are affordable, but we should also not forget about our immortal gemstones, diamonds, gold, and platinum jewels that don’t lose their shine over the years. The high-end jewelry sets are available in various designs and of different brands which can outshine the bride of any era.

7. Comfort Is Must

Last but not the least, comfort is a must for every bride. While selecting the bridal jewellery comfort must always be taken into consideration, as to enjoy your day you need to feel relaxed. The jewellery you wear should not be too heavy to be an obstacle to your celebration. Always try to choose lightweight jewellery that may look heavy but does not infuriate you. So choose your jewellery in accordance to your comfort.

Marriage is a big day for every bride, and to wish for the best on this day is very obvious. To look perfect, you have to pick perfect for this day. And wedding jewellery is a crucial part of it. And of course, you cannot delegate this beauty to someone else. Selecting the jewellery may not be the first thing on your to-do list, but it shouldn’t be the last as well.

As it can make all the difference in your appearance. Even a breathtaking gorgeous lehenga and astonishing makeup can look all bizarre if it is not paired with the right jewellery. As accessories can take up your looks in any direction, depending on what you choose.

Also, another very important thing is to keep in mind the purpose of selecting high-end jewellery is that it should add on stars in your look and not transform you completely as on your wedding day you should be you. So keep in mind all these tips while selecting your wedding jewellery and you are out-and-out to look breathtaking.

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