15 DIY Tips and Tricks for The Bride to Plan a Wedding

We all know that planning a wedding can be exciting but also very overwhelming. You might consider hiring a wedding planner or perhaps hire a professional who has been in such a business niche for an ample amount of time. While there still might be a lot of reasons why couples will opt to take on a lot of responsibilities on their own. But why? Maybe they are working on a tight budget, or maybe they love to DIY.  

Organizing a wedding needs extra attention, which is why a lot of people choose to hire the best wedding planning company. However, when it comes to keeping everything on track, such as the list of guests, decisions, and deadlines, organizing is the key. Ensure that you have a lot of time for wedding planning. Yes, a longer timeline would be beneficial for you.

15 DIY Tips and Tricks for The Bride to Plan a Wedding

Where to Begin A Wedding Planning?

When it comes to DIY wedding planning, what are the things that need to be considered? Don’t know? Well, worry no more, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some imperative tips that’ll help you (Bride) plan your wedding. From getting organized to negotiating the legal formalities to getting the peace of mind, everything is mentioned here.

Note: Plan a wedding that represents both of you – The Bride and The Groom. After all, you both are in this together for life, right?

#1: Set Budget and Stick to It

Did you know that your budget ought to be the key driving factor of your wedding? In case you are paying all alone then it’s time to take a hard look at your finances. 

#2: List of Wedding Day Priorities

You need to sit down with your better half and about the most important three aspects that you need at your wedding.

#3: Choose A Bridal Style

Start researching different magazines, social media sites, and other pages in order to get resources of bridal inspiration that you like the best. 

#4: Get Organized

Get a note-pad, an excel sheet, Google Docs, or anything that you can easily use in order to gather all the thoughts in one place. 

#5: Involve Your Soul-Mate Too

As mentioned above, you’re not alone in planning the wedding at all. You should consult with your soul-mate as well. Even their opinion is valuable. 

#6: Buy A Wedding Planning Book

Do you know that a wedding planning book is considered to be a wealth of information and experts tried and tested advice? They include tips and tricks of perfect wedding planning.

#7: Make A Checklist

Want to keep a track of all your tasks? With a notebook with all the tasks written down, you’ll be taking those tasks like a pro.

#8: Keep Seasons and Dates in Mind

You need to choose an ideal date and season for your wedding. Try to be as flexible as possible. 

#9: Theme Is Very Important

Choosing a theme for your wedding will help you to choose a concept design for it. When you have such aesthetics in mind; everything ought to look cohesive. 

#10: Go for An On-Site Wedding

Off-site weddings are where you do not have access to a commercial kitchen and you’ll have to bring in everything. However, an on-site wedding takes place in a hotel or a restaurant. 

#11: Make A Guest List

Making a list of guests might be a complicated process but will be helpful in determining your budget and venue.

#12: Venue

Make sure that you investigate prices, packages, and other factors when it comes to choosing a wedding venue. The minimum budget and greater benefit are what you should be looking for.

#13: Booking Vendors?

Consider hiring a wedding planning company for event design in your area that you are comfortable working with.  

#14: Read the Contract

Before you choose to sign any dotted lines, you need to review each and every detail of it. Everything should be clearly defined in the contract before you sign it.

#15: Shop for Wedding Attire

Lastly, you need to choose the wedding attire that defines you. Be sure to start shopping 8 – 9 months before the wedding.

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