Lighting Tips for Wedding Photography From Preparation to Reception

Wedding photography is one of the essential aspects when it comes to capturing the moments of someone’s special day. Being a wedding photographer is not an easy task. There are several people who usually think that wedding photography is just like simple photography that you need to click some photos, but it is not like that. Wedding photography is basically an amalgamation of landscape, portraiture, and also the microphotography. It is important to focus on small things and create an amazing result. In nuptial photography, the lighting plays an amazing role. The essence of light touches photography in every aspect. If you are thinking about the wedding photography lighting tips that you can use in your wedding photography, then you must check out here. Here we have given some amazing facts that will help you out in making your photography more amazing.


After getting all the details from the client, the first and most important thing that you need to do is the light hunt. Essentially it is important to find the area for preparation photos. Usually, in the preparation of photography, the wedding dress and other accessories related to the wedding are captured with lightning. Wedding reception photography usually involves the room where the bride is going to be ready to get her hair and makeup. The series of memorable photographs can easily get captured through. The window lighting plays an amazing role in this regard because it is quite soft and directional as well. Additionally, the window light is a constant light source so that you do not need to get worried about electricity cut or power cut.

preparation of photography


During ceremonies, you should avoid using the flash. If it is necessary, then only go for it otherwise avoid. Flash is quite distracting, and in the churches, flash photography is prohibited as well. If you are going to do flash photography, then it is important to get authorization first. The best thing that you can do is arriving at the church early and asks the priest about the restrictions that are required to be taken into consideration. If the ceremony is going to be held outdoors, then you will be having the advantage of mother nature, and there is no need to waste your lightning. 

flash wedding photography


Do you know the dirty secret? Brides always pray for the blazing sun, but in reality, they hate it. In summer, it is unbearable and hot, as well. Additionally, if the sun is too bright, then it becomes so difficult to do photography. For example, if your subject position is facing the sun, then their eyes will squint. In case the subject is on the other side of the sun, then harsh shadow splits the face, and it becomes flattering for portraiture. Hence, it is necessary that the subject must be placed at a point between the camera and the sun. There are several wedding photographers in Memphis who follow these lighting tips. 

Portraiture wedding photographer


In reception, the venues are generally amazingly decorated, and in order to capture the ambiance, there is no need to use the light stands. You can easily save the flash for later. If you are intermediate by flash Wedding Reception Photography, then the reception is the best time where you can do your experiments. You can start your Weds Photography with one flash and then slowly add a second flash, and once you are comfortable, then you can add a third one as well.

Flash Wedding Reception Photography

Going Above and Beyond

After capturing all the pigments, there is an amazing chance of impressing your client by going above and beyond, as well. In order to reveal your creativity, you can join the dark side and just use one flash to capture the amazing moments. Montgomery wedding photographers often follow these tips. 

Above and beyond wedding photography

So, these are some of the amazing lighting tips that you can follow and make the Indoor and outdoor wedding photography amazing. Lightning plays an important role when it comes to wedding photography. The essence of light touch makes a photograph of the portrait mode amazing. But the fact that matters is choosing the right position, having the right preparation to get the right poses. It is not important that you use light essence everywhere. You should be smart enough to decide that the places where you are capturing the pictures are relevant for using the light and flash or not. 

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