An Ultimate Guide to Couple Poses for Wedding Photography

Planning a wedding is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of things to be considered, thought about & budgeted. It’s a never-ending list & you will not know where to start, but yes, there are a few things that should be on your priority list, and photography is one of them. A couple is a crucial part of the wedding, that’s all that matters. Apart from all the essential preparations, there is one that needs more attention, and that is Wedding Photography. Besides, the usual photography at a wedding, there is a piece that is unique for the bride & groom. The couple poses is the most crucial part, as it needs more time & effort, and most importantly, its couple centric.

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However, when it comes to couple photography, not only is there excitement but also confusion in the minds of the couple. Here, the photographer needs to make the couple comfortable to get the best of them. After all, this one-day job ell done will be cherished for a lifetime. The Bride & Groom would always love to have this day be the most memorable one.

Here we give you some tips on a couple poses:

On the Lap

This is a great pose, let the Bride sit on the grass in a comfortable posture, and the groom lay down with his head on the Bride’s lap. Make them look into each other’s eyes that will create a magical moment in itself.

On the Lap - Weds Photography

Lying Down

Make the couple lay in the grass facing in the opposite directions with heads together. Closing their eyes, have the bride placing her hand on the groom’s face, to add a sweet touch to the romantic picture.

Lying Down - Weds Photography

Walk Towards the Camera 

It’s good to have the subject moving, to get a natural click. Have the couple walk towards the camera. Have them holding hands & look forward or simply gazing at each other. It can be difficult at first, as they would be self-cautious, looking at the big lens pointed at them. So it’s a good idea to keep conversating with the couple to keep them comfortable, besides instructing them how to pose for pictures.

Walk Towards the Camera - Weds Photography

Walking Away from the Camera

You can have the couple walking away from the camera, holding hands, or wrapping each other with their hands. They can gaze at each other or look forward.

Walking Away from the Camera 

On the Grooms Lap

Have the bride sit on the groom’s lap, let her place one hand on the shoulder of the groom from the back & the other on his chest. Let the groom support her posture with one hand supporting her back & holding her waist, with the other hand, placed on her knee or thigh.

On the Grooms Lap - Weds Photography

Propose Pose

Have the groom go down on his knees & holding hands of the bride. The couple can gaze at each other or have the raw emotions flow for a natural & excellent photo session.

Groom Go Down on His Knees & Holding Hands of the Bride


Have the couple sitting close & facing each other. They can either gaze at each other or have an almost-kiss pose, holding hands they can flaunt their rings. Great for engagement pictures.

Couple Sitting Close & Facing Each Other

All Picked Up

If the couple is comfortable, you can have the groom pick up the bride in his arms. Have the bride wrap her arms around the groom’s neck & seal the moment with a kiss.

All Picked Up - Weds Photography

Cozy Posy

This is one of the poses with which the couple will be quite comfortable. Either one can sit down, wrapping the other person in their arms. They can gaze at each other or something distant.

Cozy Posy - Wedding Photography

On Their Own

Once the couple is comfortable with cameras around, let them explore their poses. The gazes, cuddles & kisses allow them to flow naturally.

Natural Kiss- Weds Photography


You may kiss the Bride’ the perfect moment for the perfect shot. You can follow the traditional way or experiment if permitted.

Kiss - Weds Photography

These are a few tips on a couple poses that you can use for engagements, weddings, or any other occasion. However, there are many different poses you can research online and also refer to a couple pose references guide for a better understanding. 

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