12 Exciting Things to Do After Getting Engaged

Know Few Things that can excite your Courtship Period

Finally, you are engaged! And now it’s time to spread the news all over with great joy and happiness. Just kick off everything and live the moment. But sometimes it happens that the couple usually things that what should they do after getting engaged. Well, to help you out, here we have given some of the things to do after getting engaged. Here are 12 things that you can do. It’s not only about how to behave with fiance after the engagement, but it’s more than your imagination. 

Spread the News

Engagement is not a small event that just occurred. It is one of the joyous days of your life. So spread this news all over and share your happiness with others as well. You can use social media account also to spread this news and share your joy with others. 

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Get Your Insurance Done

You must be thinking that this and romantic things should be done after getting engaged. Well, your engagement ring is something that must be precious for you. In case the stone gets damaged or broken, or you lost your ring, then you must have insurance regarding the same so that you can get the claim.

Get Your Insurance Done

Buy a Ring Dish—or Three

Must keep the sparkle of your ring safe!! Purchase some ring dishes and place all-around your house. It will help you in keeping your link safe. Due to the availability of the Ring dishes, you can easily place your ring and can quickly get it back just after working from the kitchen or the bathroom as well.

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Get a Manicure

After you get engaged, most of the eyes will be definitely on the ring that you are having in your left hand. So it’s time to pamper your fingers with a professional manicure. Let your new accessory pop with the cute and clean cuticles and fingers.

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Enjoy Every Moment

After getting engaged, the romance between the couple gets set on Fire. If you are also feeling the same, then to not let any moment go, even you can also get the Weds photography included in your post engagement time. Just live every moment and enjoy yourself with your partner.

Enjoy Every Moment - Weds Photography

Dream Big

Start dreaming about your wedding. It will enhance your excitement for your special day, and you will bloom more. Dream about what your life will be, dream about the things that you are going to have at your wedding. Keep an eye out from the ordinary things and choose something amazing attractive that can catch the attraction in a glance.

Dream Big

Talking Numbers

When you know about your wedding day, and then start booking the stuff for the same. While booking the things do not book anything without getting the details regarding the pricing. It is essential to talk to your parents that what there are comfortable contributing and then start planning accordingly. Create the list and get an idea of how many guests are going to attend your wedding. It will help you in getting the budget prepared.

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Narrow Down the Date

Before booking the venue, photographer and other stuff just married on the time and checked that your wedding date must be according to the environment or whether you want to get married in. Must check the essential dates like you are having any vital interview or any other event.

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Hire a Pro

If you are willing that a wedding planner should plan your wedding, then you should hire him before booking the venue. You should schedule the venue according to the availability and dates of the wedding planner. The wedding planner will provide you much more amazing ideas for the wedding venue.

Hire a Pro

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Book the Venue

You are done with the dates and the wedding planner along with the photographer. It’s time to book the place. The space you choose for your wedding must influence others who come as a guest. If your wedding date was around the season when a lot of weddings happened then you need to book the venue as soon as you can.

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All the Important Players

Along with the venue, it is important to book other players like the DJ, band, caterers, decorators, and wedding photographers in Norfolk. In case any of the players are unavailable that it may ruin the whole excitement of the wedding. 

All the Important Players

Stay Organized

Use an online learning tool or a printed wedding planning. You must be organized and updated with the engagement to-do list as well. Additionally, you can also use the templates from the Google drive, or the wedding planner documents as well. With the help of the planning tool, you can easily create a comprehensive timeline and can scan the contracts, receives along with tracking the budgets.

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Until now, you must have heard about the things to do before you get engaged, but the points given above will help you in making your post engagement time memorable.